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Getting Started

Setting up your site

How do I upload my Events/Images?

1. Go to a Registration Page. Once you Register and create your Gallery, you can then go to your Dashboard.

Visit the Dashboard and you will see the links to all of the tools available to you.

2. Login to the Dashboard, with your Gallery/Username.

3. Set your Print Prices

4. Set your Shipping/Payment Options

5. Go to the Manage/Upload Event Screen and upload your Event.

The first time you prepare an event, set your prices for a few print sizes, set your basic shipping charges, and be sure to set your shipping options. If you want to collect payments online, enter your PayPal account information (email address registered with PayPal).

Then upload a small event, with all of your images in one folder. Do not put more than 250 images in a single folder. 

Go to your Gallery and see how it works, place an order, and see how you receive it back by email. Later, you can upload a large event, maybe a wedding, and break the event into "Categories"...


How do I go about uploading my first event?

Place these Categorized Sub-Folders inside a main Event folder and upload your entire Event all at once. Our Upload Utility will resize the images for you, you do not have to resize them before uploading your event.

How do my Clients View their images?

You have a few ways you can do this.

1. You and your clients get to your "Preview Gallery" by browsing to gallery name)


2. You could place your clients event link directly onto your company website.

3. You can give them a direct link to their event. When you create/upload a new event, a Link/Path is created. It will be available for you to copy, from the Manage/Upload Event screen. You simply click the button and an email will be created. Send the link to your client.

You can "Hide" an Event from display in the Event list that is visible on your Gallery. When you prepare your Event for display, you will have the option of "Hiding" the Event. Hiding an Event is our method is Password Protecting it.

You will also have the option of creating a "Shut Off" date for your Event. You can re-activate the Event at any time. Shutting Off an Event does not remove it from your Gallery, it simply makes it not available for viewing unless you re-activate it. This can help "encourage" clients to make their order selections in a more timely manor.

Can I password Protect my Events?

You can "Hide" an event from view in the Event list that is visible on your Gallery. When you prepare your Event for display, you will have the option of "Hiding" the Event. Hiding an Event is our method of Password Protecting it.

Shut Off Event Availability

You can set a time limit for your clients to view their images. This "encourages" them to get "cracking" and place their orders.

You can re-activate the event, after you have "their attention, and extend their viewing time for a week or 2, or whatever you feel is required.

How do I receive my orders from the web?

You will receive an email with your order enclosed. You can send your order to any lab you choose. We have a number of Partner Labs that use an automated order sending/processing system. If you should decide to use one of our partner labs, you can use the EZ Print Order Toolbox in the Dashboard. You will have to establish an account with the lab. Contact us for more details about this service. There is no additional cost to use our Partner Labs, you work with the labs on your own.

How do I collect Payments for my orders created on my Gallery?

You can have your clients contact you with their payments, or you can create a PayPal account and have them pay online. PayPal is the number one payment gateway for small businesses on the web. Their rate are excellent, your clients can pay with virtually any major credit card, and they DO NOT need to have their own PayPal account.

If you don't already have a PayPal account, you can create on in a few minutes. Visit

Can I change prices/shipping options/charges for an event already online?

Yes. You select the event in the dropdown list on the right side of the Prices Screen, or the Shipping/Payments Screen. That will bring up the Price Group for that Event. Make your changes, and "Save" them.

Other Features

As you venture into the Dashboard, you will find these additional tools.

Package Maker (Products/Prices Screen)

You can create packages for your products. You can set a price for one pose ordered for the package, or "stepped" prices for additional poses orders in the package.

You can also create reduced price for "Add-On" sales of individual prints ordered in addition to the Package.

And, you can even create a third price for individual prints for people who order your "Super" Package. You may reward them with 1/2 off regular print prices when they order your $500 Package.

Discount Coupons (Manage/Upload Event Screen)

We presently have 3 Coupons

Dollars Off
Percentage Off
Free Print

You will find the Coupon Generator in the Manage Event Screen. Select an Event and create coupons for that Event. Each Coupon is individually tracked for that event. You can set a quantity of coupons and see the number used/available.

When a customer uses their coupon we enter their email address in our database and they cannot use it again.

eXpress Order (Manage/Upload Event Screen)

If you use our Partner Labs, you can upload your High Resolution images to the lab for "Total Order Fulfillment". You would not want to use this for your everyday events, such as portraits and weddings.

When you use eXpress Orders, the lab prints and ships the orders directly to your clients. We believe YOU should be reviewing all "High Priority" orders personally before your clients receive them.

A second reason to keep you images in your computer and not upload an entire event of High Res images is "Time". It can take 10 hours to upload a wedding to a lab. We have also been told that many internet service providers are going to be limiting the bandwidth usage of their subscribers starting in 2009.

Use eXpress order for special events where all of the uploaded images will be used for orders, not just a few from hundreds you might send to the lab.

The most common users of eXpress Order are sports/school photographers who are traveling all the time and cannot be at their studios computers to process orders.

EZ Photo ID
(Manage/Upload Event Screen)

Events that might require detailed ID of the images:

Elementary School Photography. Parents are very sensitive to having their children's images posted online. They don't want their child's name used to identify their child. they also don't want any other parents/children to have access to their child's images.

By using EZ Photo ID you can individually secure one or more images in a randomly generated numbered folder. By randomly generating the folder ID numbers, people can't simply type in sequential numbers to see photos in "order".

You can link each child's ID Folder of images to the parents email address. When you have completed the sorting process, you can automatically send an email to the parents, and each individual ID Folder link will be embedded in the email. They click the link and they are brought to their child's pictures.

Acton Sports Photography: You can use the method above for teams and individual images of the players, but usually by the children are involved in sports, the security issues of images being posted on the web are not as strict.

If you photograph players in action, or races where the participants have identification numbers you can see in the pictures, you can sort the images and ID the folders with the "Bib" or shirt numbers of the players.

Customers can visit your Gallery, and enter their "Number" in the search box on your website and they will be brought to their images, or you can send the emails as described above.                                                     

We are happy to assist you every step of the way.                                                             

(866) 977-3535

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