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These examples are from a real working Preview Gallery. Feel free to visit and place orders. Use "Test" as the customer name. When you get to the payment screen, select the option "Contact the photographer for Payment" and the orders will process and be sent to Bob Kahn. ("Test" orders will be ignored)

Follow the links below to see how each feature works.

Linking to your website and Password Protection

Link your Preview Gallery site from your own website

Direct link for your clients to go to your Preview Gallery
Clients can select an event from the list

If you "Hide" an event (our concept of Password Protection), you can then have your visitors enter the Event Name you supply to them. Go to the above link and enter mccartyfamily in the "Password" box.

When you Hide an event, the only way the Event can be viewed is by going directly to the Gallery by the method above or by using the direct address we create for you. You send the link via email to your client and they can then send it to their guests. Click this link and you will be brought directly to the Event:


You can create Packages that allow your clients to order Multiple Poses, and the system will configure the cost based on the number of poses they order. In our Package Maker, you set your prices for each pose orders.


11x14 Package- Multiple print sizes.
1 Pose- $375
2 Poses $425
3 Poses $475
You can set a price for additional poses $50, and a fixed price for unlimited Poses $600 for the package.

When you get to the Order Screen, you will see option prices for individual prints. You can create discounted prices for additional prints for your clients who order a Package, and then want to add a few additional individual prints. There are 2 options for additional prints. One price for Regular Packages, then a higher discount for those who order your "Super Package".

You will see all of these features when you visit this Portrait Event:


You can create Coupons for customers to order prints and receive either a fixed dollar amount deducted from the total purchase, or a % discount, or a Free Print.

Free 4x6 Print. Enter Coupon Code "46free" at checkout.

% Discount. enter Coupon Code "20percent" at checkout.

$ Deducted from total sale. Enter code "50off" at checkout.

You have the option to set the quantity of each coupon you want to distribute. you may wish to give a 20% discount to a Bride and Groom or a commercial client who might recommend you to a group of associates in their office.

For an event like the Nutcracker, you may want to issue hundreds of coupons (one to each attendee). You will find that you can only enter your coupon once when you place your order. We track email addresses and we block an address once a coupon is used.

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