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Uploading Events

How to Upload an Event

There are two ways of uploading events to your Preview Gallery website. If you are operating from a PC then you have two choices for uploading images. From a Mac, there is only one.

Uploading events through the Preview Gallery Dashboard (Mac & PC):

Start by creating a root folder for your event. In our example, we will call the event "Jack and Jill". Inside of the root folder, create category folders that describe specific features of the event. In this case the event is a wedding so the categories reflect the various sequence of events at the wedding. The folder tree would look like this:

Now place your images into each respective category folder. No images should be present directly under the main event folder as this will result in the system automatically creating an additional category named the same as the root folder.

Next, login to the Preview Gallery Dashboard at

Our Upload Utility will resize the images for you, you do not have to resize them before uploading your event.

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